The most basic material about the mobile phone case?- 6【Chitchat about Phone Case】

The most basic material about the mobile phone case?- 6【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Phone Case Pattern -IMD technology - 5【Chitchat about Phone Case】 Reading The most basic material about the mobile phone case?- 6【Chitchat about Phone Case】 4 minutes
    Many friends have used mobile phone cases, but how produce the most basic phone cases? Let me introduce it.
    Let’s talk about the 3 kinds of most important basic parts of a phone case:
    1 raw material
  If you see the grains in the picture, it is the raw material, that is, the raw material of the mobile phone case that has not yet been formed. This raw material has different raw material properties such as PC, ABS, and TPU. The raw materials are directly processed and are transparent. If you want other colors, add dyeing powder. In addition, the black color powder is generally used with other recycled materials.
    2 molds
  These two super-large iron blocks are the molds, which are the key to the formation of the mobile phone case. The mold development master draws the cavity shape on the round iron block of the mold according to the data requirements of your mobile phone case mold. You can understand that it is to dig out some vacancies, and then The two iron blocks are combined and the material flow fills the void in the middle, which is the mobile phone case.
    3 Injection molding machine
    The injection molding machine is to make the raw materials of the mobile phone case into the body fluid state by heating. Thousands, it sounds like you can make a fortune, but it may not be as ideal as you think.
    Because in the production process of mobile phone cases, various unforeseen problems occur from time to time. At this time, mold masters, production squad leaders, and machine operators are all cautious, because when problems arise without being aware of them, the output of one day's shift is wasted. Therefore, production is always a very rigorous industry, and there is no room for sloppiness. You ask me why I emphasize this because I have tasted almost all the problems caused by the occurrence of any problems. In order to ensure that every customer can buy high-quality products, SharksBox Products with satisfactory quality, we insist on high quality and high standards and do not allow defective products to be sent to consumers.
    Here are some simple events to share:
    Another time was on the injection molding machine because the material had to be changed frequently, and there was some residual pigment on the mechanical pipe. I wanted a pure transparent mobile phone case, but they were all given to me with a little dust in the transparent material. Amber feels. Based on SharksBox's requirements for product quality, this batch of products with minor defects cannot be sold to customers. I negotiated with the foundry at the time. The foundry owner still felt that there was no problem and that a little bit was acceptable, and that other customers didn't complain about this problem. Finally, I accepted the order for this batch of defective products, but in order to ensure the quality of SharksBox's products, they were all disposed of as scrap and were not sold on the shelves.
    Once, because the mold was not regularly inspected for maintenance, one of the surfaces was rusted. The squad leader and the operator who operated the machine did not know whether it was intentionally invisible or deliberately not handling it. After finishing the order of 1,000 pieces to me, I found a problem through inspection, and then called over, they told me that it was a mold problem, and the goods had to be returned for redoing, but my 2B order has exceeded the agreed delivery time, and I accompany a lot of money, even if the factory does not charge I ordered the payment, and I also lost customers. Such a partner immediately gave up cooperation at that time.
    Although the value of the mobile phone case is not high, the quality requirements of the product have never been relaxed. I will share it here today, see you next time~

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