Phone Case Pattern -IMD technology - 5【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Phone Case Pattern -IMD technology - 5【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Phone Case Pattern -IMD technology - 5【Chitchat about Phone Case】


Mobile phone case process range sharing - [some things about mobile phone cases] pick up

We often see the IMD process in the product description of SharksBox's mobile phone case, telling us that the product is not easy to yellow and wear-resistant. Today we will briefly introduce the knowledge about the IMD process.

The IMD process refers to the inner lamination printing and injection molding technology. It can be understood that the pattern is printed on a transparent film, and then injection molded. Another simple understanding is that you print a photo, and then put it on the machine and fuse it together to become the pattern on the back.

Our most common IMD process is the washing machine panel. You heard it right, and I did not make a mistake. It is the function button on the washing machine.


As shown in the figure, the place pointed by the red box is the component of the IMD process.

IMD process, the pattern is printed on the bottom of the transparent film. After the mirror is reversed and printed, the front of the transparent film looks like the pattern is displayed correctly, or it is easier to understand by drawing a picture.

A pattern printed on the bottom

Flip the pattern displayed on the front

Because the pattern is printed under the transparent film, the transparent film is the protective layer of the pattern, which will show a very bright effect and protect the pattern from scratches. The rice cooker button is designed this way because the transparent film IMD process can be waterproof.

Returning to the topic of mobile phone cases, usually, we see beautifully printed patterns, even the patterns are of the same quality as photos, and the patterns feel shiny, mostly IMD craftsmanship. Later, because consumers didn't like the bright surface covered with fingerprints, the manufacturers developed IMD mobile phone cases with a frosted surface, which basically did not have fingerprints. Now IMD mobile phone cases basically look like this.

The film on the surface of the IMD process can actually be an ordinary glossy, blue-light surface (the kind with a reflective blue effect), and frosted surface.

Injection molding methods can be divided into the plane, half Surrounded, and full Surrounded.

The plane is that this sheet is the same as the printing process, it can only be the back, and there is no pattern on the side.

If the half Surrounded is extended about 30-40% of the pattern, you can take a look at the picture above. The pattern has covered half of the side of the phone case. This is a half pack of IMD, injection-molded with glossy film.

full Surrounded means that, as the name suggests, it can be packaged to the front, but the loss rate of this process is too high, and many manufacturers are unwilling to do it. And because the thickness of the diaphragm and TPU material adds up, the phone is a whole circle larger. The audience for such a product is very small. So it can't be mainstream.

The pattern of IMD is the clearest in the color case, it will not be deformed during the molding process, and it is also the most durable process. Our SharksBox mainly focuses on high-end mobile phone cases, and we will use this process to produce.

Share it here today, thanks for reading.


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