Are you using a soft or hard phone case? -2【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Are you using a soft or hard phone case? -2【Chitchat about Phone Case】

In the previous article, we shared that the hard phone case is not as bad as everyone thinks. In fact, the soft case is currently the most consumed in the market. I can share with you the advantages and disadvantages. In fact, there are also classifications of soft materials, it is TPU. The concept of silicone is the earliest soft material for phone cases. We are most likely to see Apple's own skin-like silicone original protective case. Why does this rubber have such a feeling? In fact, it is not natural. It is processed after the silicone sleeve is formed, and the surface is processed with a skin-like coating. However, it has always given people the illusion that the silicone sleeve has a better feel, and this skin-like coating in the Hard material shells is also widely used. SharksBox once made a skin-friendly coating on the ultra-thin 0.5mm thick shell, making the mobile phone shell feel more silky and comfortable.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Liquid Silicone Case

With the good material of silicone, why is there still a market for TPU products? In fact, according to the order volume of raw material purchases, TPU far exceeds the protective shell of silicone material, because TPU has the characteristics of transparency, no deformation, and good processing fluidity (this means that TPU can be used at high temperatures during injection molding. It turns into a liquid state and is molded by injection molding onto a metal mold), while the silicone material has no transparent effect, only a translucent effect. Real silicone products, if they are not coated with a skin-like coating, will become sticky and easy to stick to dust. Silica gel is currently the main material used for heavy mobile phone cases.


TPU can be made into a transparent shell with a thickness of about 0.7-0.8mm through a high-speed injection molding machine. If the factory has good quality control, it is very beautiful. But in fact, this kind of protective case can only bring scratch resistance to your mobile phone, and it is completely useless to resist the impact of falling. Falling to the ground only allows the phone itself to take the impact.

Then someone asks if TPU is so good and has any disadvantages? The disadvantage is that it is easy to turn yellow. It is an indisputable fact that the transparent material TPU mobile phone case turns yellow. Of course, there is a way to solve this yellowing. The way is to buy a black case because black will definitely not turn yellow.

Some friends will ask how long does it take to not turn yellow? It is actually related to the environment you are using. Too much sweat on your hands will accelerate the yellowing of the TPU material, and high humidity in the place for a long time will also accelerate the yellowing of the TPU material. The high-quality transparent SharksBox TPU phone case can keep yellowing for several months, but the cost of purchasing raw materials is 3 times that of yellowing, so it is not expensive for you to buy a set of dozens of yuan, at least not using the worst material, no It will turn yellow in a week or two.

There are hard materials and soft materials, so is there any intermediate structural material?

The answer is yes, the next time I share with you, let's talk about a better structural solution. thanks for reading!

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