Soft or hard phone case, which is better? -3 【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Soft or hard phone case, which is better? -3 【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Do you know if the phone case is either soft or hard? 

In fact, the mobile phone case has a structure, that is, the combination of soft and hard. In 2012-2013, the once very popular structure was that the back was made of hard PC material, and the edge was made of TPU soft material. This process has two processing and forming directions.

1、The two-color injection molding machine is processed and formed. The general injection molding machine only has a single material for high temperature hot melting, and is injected into the mold cavity for rapid cooling and molding. It is a bit difficult to understand here. It can be understood that you heated and melted the candle, and poured it into a metal container in a liquid state. Because the temperature of the metal container is low, the wax immediately hardens according to the shape of the metal container. Different materials become different mobile phone cases or other plastic products. The two-color injection molding machine is that a product can be injected twice in one machine, the first injection of hard material, and then the mold rotates internally to inject the second material. This advantage is that the production process saves time compared with single-color injection molding, but it requires extremely high mold precision. Because two different materials have different characteristics, such as expansion and shrinkage rate, processing temperature, injection speed and other factors that can affect the final product, but the product effect will be better. Generally, only companies like SharksBox can adopt this process technology. Companies that make high-quality mobile phone cases will use it. Small factories generally do not purchase two-color injection molding machines because the process requirements and investment costs are too high.


2、The secondary set of beer (set of injection molding), because the purchase cost of the two-color injection molding machine is more than twice that of the ordinary injection molding machine, and the mold is also much more expensive. Many small factories complete this structure through the secondary process. This feature is not. It is necessary to open a two-color mold, and there is no need to purchase a two-color injection molding machine, but the workflow is doubled. After the first injection molding machine molds the PC, the material is placed in another injection molding machine for secondary soft material injection molding. Two-shot injection molding can reduce the purchase cost of production equipment because one double-color injection molding machine can indeed equal the purchase cost of two ordinary injection molding machines, but there are not many foundries for double-color injection molding machines, and single-color injection molding machines are more common. Take this process flow. But there are still some problems faced, that is, two sets of molds are needed, and then the error between the two sets of molds cannot be too large. Of course, this can be solved through process control. The mold cost of a single injection is also lower than that of a two-shot injection mold. Due to the difficulty of the process, some SharksBox will also adopt the secondary injection molding process, and strictly follow the production process, and the product quality is completely consistent with the two-color injection molding machine.

Having said so much, this structure is shared here for you to see:

iPhone 13 red clear case phone case anti-drop, shockproof,anti-yellow, anti-scratch phone case

And our big style is this kind of edge is transparent, the back with a pattern on the transparency PC board.

iPhone 13 DROP PROTECTION, anti-drop, shockproof,anti-yellow, anti-scratch phone case

This process structure can produce two colors of the case, the general market you see is similar to this, the back is transparent, the side is a combination of various colors of the phone case.

 That's it for today, and more, Continuing~




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