How thin is a ultra-thin phone case? - 4【Chitchat about Phone Case】

How thin is a ultra-thin phone case? - 4【Chitchat about Phone Case】

   Today, I will share with you the ultra-thin mobile phone case. In fact, the concept of ultra-thin has always been the most popular selling point for merchants. From the development history of our mobile phones, we know that mobile phone manufacturers understand that thin products are more popular, and at the same time, they have opened up a new form of mobile phone protective case. However, ultra-thin series will also lead to the decline of protection power. In order to pursue higher product protection ability, SharksBox did not launch ultra-thin series products.

    The ultra-thin silicone sleeve is not the selling point of the product originally expected by the manufacturer, but the product of fierce market competition. In the case of saturated market demand for silicone sleeve products, price competition leads to continuous cost savings on raw materials. From the earliest 20 grams of a product to a product of less than 10 grams later, the mold has been improved, from a thick feel to a completely thin film, which is called the ultra-thin series by wholesalers, and the price is more favorable. However, thinness is not necessarily a good thing. At this time, because the materials are less than the original design ideas, various problems will be highlighted: First, it is difficult to process. When the thin products are taken out from the mold, they are easily affected by thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in cooling. The speed affects the deformation rate; the second is that because there is no anti-stretching edge treatment on the mold, when installing the silicone sleeve, the silicone sleeve must be stretched like a balloon, and the mobile phone must be inserted, and then it is easy to be too thin. Pulled and broke. Customers who voted for quality quickly lost market space for this product, and gradually everyone stopped purchasing this product, and eventually disappeared from the market.

    Later, the TPU material became very popular. Every time a new material appeared, the mobile phone case products made by everyone were very thick. The protection was the first, and the beauty was second. The ultra-thin TPU mobile phone case was developed because the thick product market has reached the bottleneck, not the product of price competition at the beginning. How to come to this conclusion? The ultra-thin mobile phone case production equipment at the beginning - nitrogen high-speed injection molding machine and precise ultra-thin molds can produce ultra-thin TPU mobile phone cases. In fact, PC hard material has tried to design an ultra-thin mobile phone case, but the thinner the hard material product, the easier it is to break, so later I was considering using TPU to make an ultra-thin style. Sophisticated. But this process is really painful, because the first batch of ultra-thin TPU phone cases can be described as garbage, the back is undulating like wet paper, and then the surrounding edges cannot wrap the phone at all, or use abalone To describe that kind of visual sense, but due to the vacancy in the market, this kind of defective product has begun to run. 

    When a product starts running, it will enter a cycle: the initial stage (the quality of the product is not very good, but it can work), the mature stage (the quality of the product is getting better, the order volume starts to increase), the recession stage (the quality of the product begins to decrease, Reduce costs and pursue order maximization), death period (there is no profit, no matter how you do it, it will be a dead end, but if you don’t do it, you will die). Soon ultra-thin TPU entered a mature stage, and all factories purchased high-speed injection molding machines, opened precision molds, and made higher-quality products, instantly occupying the market. In the entire industry, the most news that we hear every day is that today we have received more than 100,000 orders for ultra-thin TPU mobile phone cases. Many of our peers would expect a recession period, but we did not guess it would come so quickly. In less than half a year, a factory has developed a new method to produce ultra-thin TPU without a high-speed injection molding machine! ! !

    "By the way, I will introduce the production technology of ultra-thin TPU. The thickness of the mobile phone case is close to 0.5-0.6 mm, which is considered ultra-thin. A hair is about 0.06-0.08 mm. The tolerance of that set of precision molds is 0.05 mm. This production difficulty can be As you can imagine, if the traditional ordinary injection molding machine is used, the TPU raw material cannot fill the mold cavity due to insufficient pressure, and there will be waste products. In addition, the insufficient precision of the mold will affect the molding. You can see that various reasons are important factors that increase the cost. , the purchase price of high-speed injection molding machines is 2-3 times that of traditional injection molding machines (this price is second-hand equipment, because in addition to large factories, basically small factories purchase injection molding machines from second-hand dealers)”

    Ultra-thin TPU can transform key parts of ordinary injection molding machines. The difficulty of production has been greatly reduced, the price of products has collapsed, and it is normal to drop 30% a day. Some factories directly throw out the lowest price to take orders. Reduce the factory price of a few dollars to a few cents, and the competition is very fierce. Finally, the ex-factory price of the product is only a little more than the price of the material, and the factory depends on that profit to survive. 

    At present, there are still factories making ultra-thin TPUs today, but they have no choice because they do not understand development, design, and the market. The ultra-thin TPU phone case is a very good structure, but it ended up being rotten, which is not what everyone expected. It's just that the market is cruel, and low-price competition is destined to have no good products. Sometimes I see an ultra-thin phone case for $1, and there is such a story behind it...

    Shared it here today, thank you!

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