Phone case, are you using soft or hard,Which one is better?-1【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Phone case, are you using soft or hard,Which one is better?-1【Chitchat about Phone Case】

Do we need a protective case for our mobile phone?【Chitchat about Phone Case】 Reading Phone case, are you using soft or hard,Which one is better?-1【Chitchat about Phone Case】 4 minutes Next Are you using a soft or hard phone case? -2【Chitchat about Phone Case】

    Many friends often wonder why there is a hard shell? That's the question of friends who like soft shells; however, friends who like hard shells will also question the same opposite question. Of course, there is a third situation, that is, you don't know whether the hard shell is good? Or soft case?

     In fact, the starting point of the soft case and the hard case is to protect the mobile phone case, which is the most basic and most basic function of the mobile phone case.

    Friends who like soft shells have always questioned that hard materials can not protect better. In fact, hard materials can also drop the mobile phone to the ground and resist a part of the instant impact, and then it may break in the end. Breaking is equal to the phone case. I continued to use it, but the impact force absorbed at the moment of fragmentation was completely dispersed, that is, the mobile phone case was sacrificed to protect the mobile phone. When I fell to the ground, there was no problem with the impact surface of the phone, but the phone case shattered, which proved that the protection actually had some effect. Of course, there are also friends who are not protecting the top and tail of the hard case. It is a very traditional hard case. Now the latest hard cases are all-inclusive, and they are covered on all sides like the soft case.

    Here is a summary of the advantages of hard shells:

1. The hard shell made of transparent material does not turn yellow in a short time, and the soft and transparent one starts to turn yellow in about 1-2 weeks. After a month, you cannot look directly. I believe everyone feels the same. You can pay attention to SharksBox uses high-quality PC raw materials, and the products are more durable and bright.

2. Hard materials can achieve a very thin thickness. At present, 0.3mm is false in the market, but 0.5mm-0.6mm can be achieved, so as to avoid the suspicion of softness. I will not mention the brand here. If the soft material is made ultra-thin, the limit is 0.5mm, but the soft shell of the mobile phone case under this structure is very easy to stretch and deform, and it is also very easy to turn yellow because the material is too thin.
3. Hard materials are easier to process in the process, making the color shells of hard materials brighter or more hand-feeling, because there is a process in the processing technology that is oven drying, and soft shells are particularly easy to deform during this process. Time high temperature deformation, the factory will consider lowering the temperature or shortening the drying time, resulting in unsatisfactory results after processing.
4. The hard material can keep the texture unchanged for a long time, and the soft material will easily become shiny, and some of the coating with the touch will easily peel off.



    After reading this, I actually think that the hard shell is also a good choice! You can also follow

    The SharksBox brand mobile phone case,it uses a PC hard case on the back of the mobile phone to ensure a good slender touch and bright colors. At the same time, the surrounding soft TPU material is used to effectively disperse the impact force and protect the mobile phone when it is dropped.

    The sharing of the soft shell will be in the next issue, thank you for reading. thanks!

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