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Can you tell us about the first time you dropped your phone?

Ha! We drop our phones daily.

We are the leaders in Device Protection.
At Sharksbox brands, we are committed to offering top-quality products at a reasonable price. Our mission is to enhance our customers' lifestyles through branded products and services of elevated value and quality. We pride ourselves in delivering products and service that our customers notice is a step above the rest.

Whenever we bring new products to market, we meet this three main goals:

1. The product must be the best at it's intended purpose - Offer the best screen protection possible

2. The product must be user-friendly and easy to install

3. Offer the best customer experience before, during, and after the purchase process

SHARKSBox was formed upon the idea of replacing bulky cases for devices which took away their sleek look, for something that would provide amazing protection while keeping that sleek factory finish look.

SHARKSBox has grown to become a trusted brand worldwide offering only the best products to keep your mobile devices in pristine condition. 

SHARKSBox Invisible Film is made from the toughest, clearest film available to protect your devices. The film is ultra thin and ultra durable and its self-healing technology provides amazing scratch proof protection.

Our Tempered Glass is a specially processed glass that is super strong and provides world-class protection from shocks and scratches.

SHARKSBox prides itself in offering this amazing protection at incredible prices. Similar protection to Ultimate Shield® would cost you three to four times as much from other companies.

Aware that customers expect nothing but a quality product, SHARKSBox offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to curb any skepticism.

New designs are constantly being added to keep up with a rapidly changing and evolving marketplace. Currently, SHARKSBox offers protection for the most popular devices including phones and tablets.

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